Location: Domäne Dahlem, Berlin
Permanent exhibition Culinarium, 800 square meters

Assignment: concept, design, and realization

Years: 2011–2015

How many people in the world eat with knives and forks, how many with their fingers and hands? When and where was canned food invented? What kind of vegetables are when in season in Germany? These are just some questions you can find the answer to at Domäne Dahlem.

Germany’s first permanent exhibition on the cultural history of nutrition is a journey from 1850 to the present. In hundreds of exhibits, many interactive stations, narrative settings, and media stations visitors can discover that “nutrition” is much more than just “nourishment.” The exhibition design playfully examines the topic “food” in associations and creates a lively tale: listening devices hidden in cups, showcases in the shape of foldable pizza boxes, or interactive food scanners are just some of the multifaceted narrative.

The exhibition received several national awards.

Awarded as lighthouse project by “Deutschland – Land der Ideen“


  • Germany’s first permanent exhibition explaining the cultural history of nutrition
  • awarded as lighthouse project by “Deutschland – Land der Ideen“ 
  • various lively learning experiences with a participative approach

Visual studies

Color scheme

Design approach kids‘ trail

Translating complex content into comprehensible spatial images.

Excerpt from the concept

What’s in season? – From concept to exhibit

Look at all the colors! Strawberries in December?
This interactive fruit and vegetable shelf teaches users in a playful way which product is in season.

Excerpt from the concept

Table Whispers – From concept to exhibit

How many people on this planet do eat with a fork and knife? How many with their fingers? How many with chopsticks?
This poetic installation offers information about cultural and historical developments and unique characteristics of different table cultures.

Floor plans

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