Locations: Munich, Dresden, Kassel (Touring Exhibition)

Team StudioTK: Carsten Cielobatzki, Annette Dooman,
Jean-Paul Laue, Daniel Urria, Malte Schurau, Verena Maul,
Tobias Kunz

In cooperation with/based on the concept: Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., USA; in cooperation with Rotes Pferd, Berlin (interactive exhibits)

Client: SC Exhibitions, a division of Semmel Concerts Entertainment GmbH

Years: 2018–2019

“Be amazed, Participate and Discover“ is the motto of the American adventure exhibition, which was designed especially for children and families. The concept was already successful in Munich and attracted over 180,000 visitors at the Olympic Park.

For Dresden and Kassel StudioTK developed a new dramaturgy and many interactive hands-on game stations, which lead playfully through the continents: we start in Pangaea, where the first highlight awaits us, a real fossil to touch. With the grip through time, the visitor experiences a piece of earth history. On the extensive research area, the little visitors then become paleontologists themselves and discover with microscopes the smallest detail of the great colossi. They get to know the difference between the tooth of a T-Rex, a Megalodon, and a Mammoth, and learn why the eggs of herbivorous dinosaurs and ostriches are of different size, yet have similarities. Those who are too afraid of the North American dinosaurs, can take the “path of tree trunks“ for safety. When this endeavor is accomplished, the grand finale awaits with the ancient giants T-Rex and Triceratops. Finally, it’s time to take a deep breath, enjoy the play and fun area with interactive drawing tables, and feel invited to stay. At the magnetic puzzle, everyone is allowed to prove their knowledge one more time.

Verena Maul

Hands-on pedagogic approach 


Floor plan Dresden

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