Supervision of a realization project for the „be Berlin“ Campaign

Location: TU Berlin, master’s degree in stage design – scenic space 

Cooperation partners: Berlin Partner, IHK Berlin, Berlin Senate

Lead: Tobias Kunz & Franziska Ritter

Term paper as an internal competition (3 teams)

Years: Winter semester 2015

Project drafts and realization by: Franziska Waldemer, Tina Keller, Cristina Todorova

In the search for an unconventional, fresh look at Berlin’s industry three creative courses developed over 100 photographs, films, and digital apps in order to generate new representative images for brand communication in the capital. It was necessary to stage these in a modular design and to find the right balance between themed exhibition and brand staging. 130 exhibits, 12,000 Euros implementation budget, 4 months.

The curatorial-dramaturgical core idea structures the topic into five self-sufficient areas. Industry means precision. Processes are defined with millimeter precision, be it on technical drawings or in machine production. This has been translated into a clean, geometric exhibition space with gridded modular bodies. The five subject areas are zoned by a metric grid of red crosses on the floor, each in the campaign color. Together with the red corners of the module, a three-dimensional coordinate system is spanned here.

The project was realized through the acquisition of third-party funds.

Industry means precision. Processes are clocked micro frequencies. These processes appear in the design as a grid on the floor of the exhibition area.
Excerpt from the design concept

The industry serves the people and is in turn served by them.
So the measures of industry are the people.

Excerpt from the exhibition concept
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