Locations: Munich, Kleine Olympiahalle

Team StudioTK: Malte Schurau, Annette Dooman, Carsten Cielobatzki, Daniel Urria, Tobias Kunz

Contents Intro: Prof. Wilfried Seipel

Sound design: Sebastian Purfürst

Graphic design: Michael Balgavi

Client: SC Exhibitions, a division of Semmel Concerts Entertainment GmbH. In cooperation with the Ministère Culture Française

Year: 2019

The world-famous cave of Lascaux in the French Dordogne contains important cave paintings that were created around 30,000 years ago. The cave has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. It was referred to by Abbé Breuil as the “Sistine Chapel of the Early Period”.

It has been closed to the public since 1963 and is equipped with elaborate ventilation and a climate control system. The pictures have been restored and monitored daily ever since.

To give the worldwide public access to these treasures of art and cultural history, despite the closure, the Lascaux exhibition was reconstructed true to the original in cooperation with the European Union and the French Ministry of Culture and is designed as a touring exhibition.

StudioTK redesigned parts of the exhibition and developed an entrance staging for the presentation in Munich.

Realization of a modular corporate shop

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