Location: Unternschreez, Stöckelkeller

Curator: Christoph Scholz, Rene Kästner, redtowerfilms.com

Production: Korbinian Frank, Active Image, activeimage.io

Team StudioTK: Annette Dooman, Tobias Kunz

Client: Christoph Scholz

Photos: Stefan Dörfler, Udo Meixner

Year: 2020

[Locked in], an exhibition reflecting the current situation and recent lockdowns, hosted renowned artists such as street artist and activist Banksy. And the filmmaker Tim Burton showed works of art on digital canvases.

Banksy’s intervention at London Underground also reflects the current situation of the arts and entertainment sector, which is struggling with extremely reduced visitor capacities and is in fact still in lockdown. An area that is still “locked in”, but also tries to fight its way up with activities ranging from drive-in theater and concerts to drive-through exhibitions.

The statement behind Banksy’s action inspired the team to plan a second exhibition inside the Stöckelkeller, an abandoned historic tavern in the Bavarian nowhere.

StudioTK collaborated on the concept and is responsible for the graphic design.

The starting point was a conversation with the founders of the Berlin company Active Image, which produces digital canvases for museums. Assuming that both works of art and artists are currently still confronted with travel difficulties, a number of artists were invited to have their works of art „travel“ on the digital canvases in a historic inn in a village in Bayreuth Country to be able to issue. A friend of the Stöckelkeller team, media producer and curator René Kästner, asked Banksy to take part, who selected a number of his best-known works of art for the digital canvases. They also asked the video artist Lohner/Carlson, the Bayreuth graffiti artist Marius Seidlitz, the London-based photographer and design artist Zoë Zimmer, the world-famous filmmaker Tim Burton, the Berlin painter Bettina Scholz, and the comic artist Joe Quesada, creative director of Marvel Entertainment in New York – and everyone was in.

The exhibition organizers asked Sony Music to contribute something special for our exhibition. Sony Music has put together a playlist for INCLUDED in [locked in] with interpretations of jazz and classical music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s from the legendary archives of Columbia Records: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6vofyUFlllo50PwTeJ1qyz

Poster design

The lockdown has forced everyone to look inside and ask ourselves what is important to them. We wanted to invite artists to look deeper, reflect on time, and re-imagine what it means to be a hero.

Christoph Scholz
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