Location: TU Berlin, Master studies Stage Design – Scenic Room

Lead: Tobias Kunz & Franziska Ritter

Selected work:  Rafael Gross

Years: winter semester 2012/13

“Stones can speak and objects sing.“ (Kevin Moore). Objects are carriers of memories, contemporary witnesses, representatives and icons, and a time that once was. Each object has its own magical aura and tells its own story.

Exhibiting objects means: letting them speak. The hidden content is translated, deciphered, contextualized, and allows the spectator to start a dialogue with the object and to develop his own relationship to the object.

The Task: the students had to look for an object close and personal to them. They had to dedicate a staged room to this object. The story of the object had to be told in the room and was then translated into production.

Derivation – Recognizing the magical in everyday life

Different dramaturgical techniques and links to other creative disciplines such as film, advertising, music, or journalism were taught in this class.


Room sketch