Seattle, USA, Museum of Pop Culture (2018)
Philadelphia, USA, The Franklin Institute Science Museum (2019)
Edmonton, Kanada, TELUS World of Science (2019)
Dearborn, USA, The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation (2020)

Team: Annette Dooman, Stefan Angelstein, Daniela von der Horst, 
Carsten Cielobatzki, Anna Lena Kortmann, Daniel Urria, Jean-Paul Laue, Janek Jonas, Malte Schurau, Verena Maul, Tobias Kunz

Client: Semmel Exhibition GmbH

Photos: Sandro Vanini, Carsten Cielobatzki

Opening in 2018 in Seattle (USA), ongoing

Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes

Marvel celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2019, 2022 saw the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man, and 2023 marked 15 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There couldn’t be a better time for a well-rounded museum exhibition that brings the story of the company, and its cast of Super Heroes, to a legion of visitors – families with children, pop culture and comic book enthusiasts, keen collectors, and anyone who’s been awed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the last 15 years.

Curated by renowned comic professor Benjamin Saunders along with a team of experts from the comic book, fashion and entertainment industry, the international exhibit honors both: the creators behind the myths and the fans who sustain them. The spatial, visual, and immersive language of the show reflects their visions and creations and takes visitors on a journey through a walkable 3D comic book.

Combining the art and history that shape the Marvel universe and its influence on global pop culture, the exhibit features famous artifacts and original art, numerous movie props, spectacular sculptures, as well as immersive and interactive exhibits. Visitors can follow the process from idea to art on different layers of storytelling and experience Marvel’s fantastic creative output from both, the consumers’ and the creators’ side.


  • largest and most extensive Marvel exhibition, featuring more than 300 original artifacts, including costumes, props, and original art
  • 80 years of Marvel history – iconic characters and the creators who’ve told the stories, original comic books, and big-screen blockbusters
  • touring across the globe since 2018

Storytelling, information layers

Visual studies

Immersive spectacle – Doctor Strange

Immersion describes a state of perception we reach when sensual impressions make us blend out the world around us entirely.

Final floor plan, MoPop, Seattle

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