Tobias Kunz, in association with W22 (DirksFermorKittaKunz GbR)
Client: Berliner Unterwelten e.V.

Year: 2014

The multimedia exhibition Mythos Germania – Vision and Crime focuses on architecture and urban planning in Berlin during the Nazi era and analyzes the ideological objectives and criminal consequences. In addition, legends and clichés about the “world capital Germania“ are dissected and deconstructed.

The design was inspired by the look of a planning office with drawing tables, desk lamps, and large-format drawers. The design concept represents a deliberate break from the megalomania of the visions of Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer and exposes these visions. The staging of the planning office is juxtaposed with a large-format crime wall with illuminated images and exhibits of the real atrocities.

Concept sketch – Drawing board


Color scheme and typographic markers

Floor plan

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