Location: University of Potsdam – Design

Module: spatial and exhibition design

Lead: Prof. Detlef Saalfeld & Tobias Kunz

Years: winter semester 2009/10

Development of experimental knowledge spaces. Theoretical development of a topic and practical use of the generated knowledge in form of a project.

Different approaches to the design of knowledge spaces were presented and applied (narration, participation, immersion):

search for a topic, elaboration of own trans-media design approaches, translation of the idea into space, creation of sketches and visualizations, spatial relationships, derivations, dramaturgy for the space, storyboards, and spatial visualizations (hand drawings, renderings, and collages, media applications, model making), presentation, and documentation of the creative process.


  • introductory course: design of knowledge spaces
  • elaboration of your own trans-media design approaches
  • narration, participation, immersion


How can one translate knowledge spatially and make it accessible to viewers and visitors?

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