Location: Ephraim-Palais, Berlin

Team StudioTK: Annette Dooman, Carsten Cielobatzki, Malte Schurau, Ragna Hammermeister, Tobias Kunz

Client: Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin

Photos: Caro Hoene, carohoene.de

Year: 2016

150 years ago, Berlin was a place that made many things possible that never seemed possible anywhere else – also and above all for women.

20 biographies tell the story of the breakout from the social corset. They illustrate what women have experienced and how they have shaped the history of the city.

Scenic rooms bring the biographies to life. The exhibition opened in summer 2016 and had over 35,000 visitors.

Sketch: Exhibition dramaturgy

Crochet sets as design motifs

Studies  – Women breaking the grid

Room visuals

Staging the core rooms

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