Location: Nuremberg, Protestant Church of St. Sebald

Team: Tobias Kunz, Nona Schmidt, Annette Dooman, Verena Maul,
Yannik Wilke, Laura Scheuermann 

Photo credits: Coline Matthée

Years: 2020–2022

In the course of the restoration of the Sebald parsonage, sensational rediscoveries of historical evidence of Jewish life in Nuremberg took place. These discoveries were taken as an opportunity to develop the exhibition “Stein & Tür- jüdische Spuren im Sebalder Pfarrhof”.

The medieval church of St. Sebald in Nuremberg is the oldest parish church in Nuremberg and one of the most outstanding church buildings in Germany.

It can be traced back to Saint Sebaldus, whose bones have been resting since 1525 in a bronze tomb of the art foundrymen Peter Vischer and Sons created for the city’s patron.

The church is the baptistery and parish church of Albrecht Dürer. Johann Pachelbel was the organist here for many years.

StudioTK has been commissioned to create an overall narrative and design concept for the rectory for this culturally and historically significant Nuremberg parish.

In a participatory exhibition, important cultural and historical finds are shown, which vividly bring the history of Nuremberg to life, up to the Middle Ages.


  • make a building’s 800-year history visible
  • develop an inviting gesture for the community
  • lively knowledge transfer through participatory elements

A media triptych welcomes the visitors with open arms and builds a bridge from the eventful history of the place to the colorful community life of the present.

Early visual concept

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