The ArtOfTheStreet-14

Locations: Dresden, Munich, Stockholm (Touring Exhibition)

Team StudioTK: Annette Dooman, Anna Lena Kortmann, Carsten Cielobatzki, Jean-Paul Laue, Dorota Karolczak, Tobias Kunz

Client: SC Exhibitions, a division of Semmel Concerts Entertainment GmbH

Photos: Hardy Müller

Years: 2017–2018

The Art of the Street presents Street Art, the liveliest contemporary art form, in its whole variety: political, lyrical, and critical – and always entertaining. Over 50 of the best street artists from Banksy to Shepard Fairey from five continents are taking part in this unique art project. The Art of the Street is a city full of creativity. It stands for variety and openness across borders and a tolerant global community. 

This 2,500 square meter exhibition was designed by us.

“The craziest exhibition of Germany,” writes the magazine Stern. The visitors are walking through a city of graffiti walls, sculptures, wall paintings, 3D illusions, and media installations. All artworks were specifically created for the exhibition.


  • scenography that intertwines art, audiovisual media, and participative elements into a holistic experience
  • international team
  • European tour

City renderings

Visual concept

Modular shop

Developed in  cooperation with TU Berlin, Scenic Spaces

 Floor plan Dresden

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