Location: Berlin, Bülowstraße

Curator: Yasha Young, yashayoungprojects.com

Technical Lead: Jens Rüberg, fairnatic.com

Production: Yes and…productions, yesandpro.com 

Team StudioTK: Annette Dooman, Carsten Cielobatzki, Daniel Urria, Malte Schurau, Janek van Lessen, Tobias Kunz

Client: Urban Nation / Stiftung Berliner Leben, urban-nation.com

Photos: Nika Kramer, nika-kramer.com

Year: 2019

In the middle of September 2019, Bülowstraße in the center of Berlin turned into a major attraction for fans of urban art: around 25,000 visitors came to see the 100 meter long outdoor narrative space of the Urban Nation Biennale 2019 – in one single weekend! The Urban Nation Museum was a real eye-catcher with its huge purple octopus arms. StudioTK was very happy and excited to design and plan the entire scenography for this exciting show under the curation of director Yasha Young.


‚A gorilla trudges through an abandoned city, a desert, and lands in a utopian environment and enchanted vegetation. Flickering screens, robots – relics of human life – are strewn along his path until nature reclaims them. If not for the rattle of the U-Bahn overhead, the reality of Berlin might vanish. But we are underneath the high line on Bülowstraße at the first Urban Nation Biennale. Entitled Robots and Relics: Un-manned, it created a time capsule that raises the question of the future of urban life. The focus was on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the United Nations. The works by the 27 participating artists are reactions to these goals. Images, sculptures, interactive elements, and performances such as the gorilla by the award-winning Studio Millennium FX from England activate all of our senses as well as our critical thinking about our interaction with nature and each other.

Art does not have to have a purpose, but art is allowed to irritate.

Klaus Lederer, Senator for Arts and Culture, Berlin, in his opening speech

Renderings and 3D plans

From concept to artwork – supporting Quintessenz’s production process

Napkin sketch, 3D study and final artwork (l.t.r.)

Documentation – Production and setup

Floor plan

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