University of Coburg – Interior architecture
Lead: Prof. Werner Kintzinger & Tobias Kunz

Year: 2018

At the end of the summer semester 2018, the University of Coburg teamed up with the Design Academy Berlin to preset its 6 Bachelor’s and 2 Master degree programs in one show – the SELECTED exhibition.

The module conveyed theoretical and application-oriented basic knowledge in the area of space and information design. The theoretical-analytical foundation developed in the first part was taken further into the conception of a curatorial-spatial guiding idea for the SELECTED exhibition in the second part of the module. One design was then chosen to be implemented and followed through.

Essential skills and typical work phases of an exhibition communicated and immediately applied. The main focus was put on the areas of mediation, curation, conception, staging in space, use of media, materiality, implementation. Other topics were: time and project management, financing, press and public relations as well as process and result documentation. In addition, the theoretical reflection was accompanied by keynote speeches, presentations, excursions and analyzes. Working in team situations was encouraged.

Campaign motifs

80 students, 80 works, 3 years. We worked all night together, partied all the time. Fellow students and employees are family.

Participative element photo booth

Visitors and graduates should have the opportunity to take memories from the exhibition home with them. The feeling of solidarity within the university is hereby communicated.

Documentation of exhibition setup

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